Saturday, November 03, 2018

Glassworks – v2

Mesmerized, watching
Mouth open observers
The skill, artistry
Effortlessness in the heat
Of the sweating craftsmen
In the beach air, hot,
On the Vineyard

Living, moving
Molten glass, clear
Droop on the shaft
Entering, awakening
Orange maw
Mouth of the furnace
Reborn anew

Glow yellow
Pulsing, living
From the warming
Glistening wet
Solid yet alive
Grow with the blow
Liquid and free

Spin and catch
Supple flesh
Add color and form
Enter again, stretch,
Translucence now
Hot gases
Fill the space

Wipe brow, enter again
Cool and gel, cut from the pipe
Clutched like a Faberge egg
A robin’s egg, fragile,
By a toddler’s wonder
Placed to firm and harden
Permanent wonder

edited November 3, 2018
Glassworks – v2

Written 6/20/04 14:06
about Martha’s Vineyard Glassworks
somewhere I spent hours,
over many summers in the 1990’s watching bowls,
pitchers, pictures, and more, come to life.

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