Tuesday, May 21, 2019

I relinquish my membership – v3

I was never asked directly,
I did not receive the letter;
but I relinquish my membership
to this church, this denomination.

I have no connection with you,
you have poisoned the water,
you are emptied of the Spirit,
of God’s living breath.

Now just a business,
a building of brick and mortar,
nothing of the body, the Spirit
of Jesus, my Savior.

Asking for money
or self-deportation
demanding we choose to leave
to sever the connection.

I relinquish my membership,
you have left me no choice;
but I remain a follower of Christ,
a child of the living God.

edited May 21, 2019
I relinquish my membership – v3

edited April 23, 2019
I relinquish my membership – v2
April 19, 2019
I relinquish my membership

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