Thursday, March 04, 2004


Paper wasp
Perched on a pin
Against old barn board

Through the thorax
Metal spear
Poised as in flight
Hovering over the wood
Never landing

Dust covered

edited January 21, 2016
Crucifix – v2

posted March 4, 2004

written January 9, 200414:30


thought of simultaneously with Braking on Green

and Crushed

while driving on Route 393 last evening, while listening to NHPR Front Porch with interview - Poems from a Hardscrabble Life

John Walters, 2004-01-08
Award-winning poet Wesley McNair was born in Newport, New Hampshire and lived most of his life in the Granite State. His latest collection, Fire, was the co-winner of the Jane Kenyon Award for Oustanding Book of Poetry. Many of the poems were inspired by his hardscrabble youth in New Hampshire.

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