Friday, March 26, 2004

Pool or Chess

He prowled the room
Around the table
Body bent, contorted
To make this shot
and the next, already planned
from angle and motion,
just enough
to sink it
Be ready

A miscue, a pause
to think
lick the new butt from the pack
light the spark
feel the heat
Laugh for effect
Through affable eyes

Work the table
Ball on ball
Smoke and music
Lean into the glass
Slide down the throat

Laugh at the banter
A Game, not so important
but for him, a challenge
a test of will, control where he can
Easy on his feet and in a crowd
Working the room
as he does, everyman and friend
comfortable confidante
Eight ball in corner pocket

edited July 23, 2015
Pool or Chess – v3
(editing version 2)
edited February 1, 2014
Pool or Chess – v2
March 26, 2004
Pool or Chess

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