Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Irony of this Moment

So much meaning, dripping
irony in this moment
the retelling of the story
the ancient words of the Seder
of the people, of the Passover
told this time, this special moment
the lamb of God
preparing himself
telling his disciples
all of us
his body, his blood
to be offered
a sacrifice
to remember
forever changed
the meaning of this Passover
taking on our sin, our shame
delivering us from our slavery
our older imprisonment
from the fall in the garden
to this present age
all of us needing to remember
what the Lord gave
choosing the cross
that we may live again

February 28, 2010
Mark 14:12, 22-25
Isaiah 11:1-5
Isaiah 52:7 (Call to Worship)
Deuteronomy 16:1-8
Exodus 12:1-28
Deuteronomy 11:16-21
and sermon, “A Last Meal”
by Pastor Ruth L. Foss
the first in a series of sermons, based in part on the book,
“24 Hours That Changed the World”, by Reverend Adam Hamilton
Suncook United Methodist Church
Suncook, NH
February 28, 2010

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