Thursday, May 03, 2012

God did not call you – v2

Words of pain evident
judgment nearly complete
words shouted, self-righteous
even before translation, reflection
silence, without condemnation
hate language spoken straight

God did not call you
you must be horribly mistaken
He did not call you to the pulpit
you are not to love this kind of person
God did not make you gay
it was your failed mortal choice

May 3, 2012
United Methodist Church General Conference
GC2012 – discussions in morning session
poem today, “You are Sin”
earlier poem, “You Must be Mistaken”
April 28, 2012
Passage of Paragraph #304.3 language in committee at
United Methodist General Conference 2012
barring ordination for same-sex candidates, those guilty of pre-marital sex, and adultery.
earlier poem, “Grieving in my spirit – v2”
edited April 29, 2012
and earlier poem,
“I am broken, I am hurting”
April 29, 2012
Luke 24:13-16
Luke 22:19
Luke 24:30-21
Luke 24:13-35
Walk to Emmaus
Matthew 28:18-20
The Great Commission
“The Words After That”
Final Words from the Cross
by Reverend Adam Hamilton!/RevAdamHamilton
Matthew 25:31-46
The Sheep and the Goats
Matthew 28:18-20
Great Commission
Luke 24:13-35
Walk to Emmaus
path of my wife to the United Methodist Church
after she felt the call to ministry
and was told that her church (Baptist)
did not believe women serving in the pulpit
was consistent with scripture.
John 8:1-11
Samuel Thompson’s!/keleayon
Inclusion Essay
shared at the New England United Methodist Church
Annual Conference
in response to call by Reconciling Ministries Network
for essays describing, “My vision for an inclusive church”,
June 10, 2011

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