Sunday, April 07, 2013

The multicolored ball – v2

left, discarded, gathered by the wind
finding a place, resting,
in the lee of the storage shed
a multicolored ball, an old friend
the ball he had taken outside
before the day took its turn
his slight body now buffeted
by the wind, the switchbacks
by falling on the granite dust
navigating the thin wood
the place beyond the fields
where he and the other played

standing in line, shivering in the cold
the too-thin, threadbare t-shirt
not nearly enough, the open sweatshirt
his body shuddering, waiting
for the bell to ring, but what of the ball
that lost but not forgotten
the friend far from him
breaking the rules to run to get it
out of the question, absurd
another to retrieve it, like a basketball
but colors of summer, faded on the ground

April 7, 2013
“The multicolored ball”
April 6, 2013
“The multicolored ball”
Deerfield Community School
April 3, 2013

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