Saturday, August 03, 2013

A Personal Best – v3

I could sense it, feel it,
magic in the fall air
blue sky azure
crispness of the afternoon
special guests for the viewing

Leaving dad in the dust
a sprint to the finish
a personal best
her time shorter
a victory, triumphant

Watching her in the glow
in the easy banter,
forgetting she was different,
singing with her friends
part of the team together

Edited August 3, 2013
“A Personal Best – v3”
October 19, 2011
“A Personal Best”
October Three Rivers School
cross-country meet
at Kearsarge Regional Middle School
October 18, 2011
Her Strides Stronger

Watching her before us
walking for a Cure
staying on the path
her demeanor secure

Wanting to be a witness
to be sure of her way
her strides stronger
every single day

September 17, 2011
walking at the Concord, NH
Walk for a Cure
September 17, 2011
and thinking how much better
Shyanne’s walk was, able to walk the whole 5k
as opposed to last year, when she was newly diagnosed
with Type 1 diabetes
Team Shyanne page
A Wrinkle in the Road

The words sinking in
“Shyanne has diabetes”
something unwelcome
ringing in my ear
a change forever
of our lives, our family
controlling carbs
and facing needles

So many voices
lifting prayers for her
love pouring out
pouring over us
many voices
in distant places even
wrapping her, wrapping us
in God’s eternal love

August 19, 2010
Shyanne diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes
August 13, 2010

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