Thursday, August 01, 2013

Jesus’ Eyes – v3

Whatever He looked like,
and we aren’t told,
not special, ordinary;
but she paused, almost sighing,
“He must have had
beautiful eyes”

Eyes to be drunk in,
along with his message
of equality, of love
Warm gentle eyes, of our Savior,
looking tenderly into your soul
our young bachelor servant king

Eyes of the one with
so many women followers
in a time when women weren’t seen
or heard in the gate, the marketplace,
Revealing himself to them alone
in shimmering light

Planting himself in
their good, fertile soil
enraptured, sitting at his feet
Longing to be with him
wanting to drink in
the warm eyes of Jesus

Edited August 1, 2013
“Jesus’s Eyes – v3”
Edited August 9, 2012
“Jesus’ Eyes – v2”
2/13/06 13:33
“Jesus’ Eyes”

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