Saturday, August 03, 2013

Spreading Her Wings – v2

Feeling the breath of God’s Spirit
the breeze lifting her
carrying her to speak, to share,
rising above what once was
no longer the little girl

Spreading her wings
just a bit, yet boldly
feeling the warmth of God’s love
His presence stirring within her

Knowing how she has grown
from that once young girl
the little girl no more
the young woman she is becoming
as she flies with Christ

Edited August 3, 2013
“Spreading Her Wings – v2”
August 14, 2011
“Spreading Her Wings”
Sermon, “Carrying Our God’s Recipe”,
by Erica M. Berberena,
Vacation Bible School -
Shake It Up Café
Suncook United Methodist Church

Suncook, NH
August 9, 2011 to August 14, 2011
service August 14, 2011
Hebrews 11:1
Hebrews 11
Boy’s Chrysalis Flight
Luke 24:13-35
Walk to Emmaus

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