Wednesday, October 09, 2013

an onion peeling – v6

their stories unfolding
each one unique
layers of meaning
words not nearly enough
like an onion peeling

history, emotion
context and rhythm
hurt and heartache
connections forming only
over time, slowly

as an onion peeling
slowly, surely
exposing the inside
layers removed
new flesh within

exposed flesh, open
supple, giving
as clay upon the wheel
liquid, elastic
giving to potter, touch

an onion peeling
revealing the inside
slowly, surely
the true beauty within
coming to life

Edited October 9, 2013
an onion peeling – v6
Edited October 9, 2013
an onion peeling – v5
Edited October 9, 2013
an onion peeling – v4
Edited September 29, 2013
an onion peeling – v3
 (editing original again)
Edited September 24, 2013
an onion peeling – v2
September 21, 2013
an onion peeling
September 21, 2013
In the quiet moments
teaching at Katahdin Middle/ High School

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