Friday, October 11, 2013

From the Inside Out – v3

we are washed wholly clean
from the inside out
our lives changed forever
into the waters of baptism
joining with Christ,
coming to the Jordan
each of us dying with him
each rising, beloved of God

changed, transformed
by the waters, by the Spirit
now living within
the indwelling of God
walking with us
watching our steps
on our journey
our walk of faith

guiding us on our path
all the days of our lives
changed forever
from the inside out
washed clean in the waters
from the watery tomb
new in that moment
made one with Christ

Edited October 11, 2013
From the Inside Out – v3
Edited October 9, 2013
From the Inside Out – v2
July 1, 2009
From the Inside Out
Reverend Sammie Maxwell
Celebration of Youth
Baptism of the Teens
Psalm 130
Mark 1:1-13
and sermon, “A Baptism of Life Change”
by Bishop Peter Weaver of New England United Methodist Conference
Contoocook United Methodist Church
June 28, 2009

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