Saturday, January 04, 2014

Foggy day on the ocean – v2

A foggy day on the ocean,
my feet in the warm surf,
feeling the water lapping,
the shifting of the liquid sand
under my smoothed soles

Gazing into the distance,
the unseen horizon line
struggling to make out the lobster boats
the bobbing buoys on the too calm waves
the sprinkling of the drizzle on the crests

The swells before me, as I walk gingerly
out onto the jetty,
navigating the boulders, the stones
the cup of still hot black coffee
warming my hands

Watching my steps, barefoot
farther out onto the slippery rocks
walking with a purpose, forward
the sharp edges of the barnacles inches away
just beneath the high tide line below

The call of the gulls, the sounding of the fog horn
awakening in the morning stillness
the beam of the lighthouse, just beyond view
the raw-cool air, even in full summer

rushing back to me in my memories

Edited January 4, 2014
Foggy day on the ocean – v2
June 21, 2009
Foggy day on the ocean
started with Facebook post,
“steamers for lunch, foggy day on the ocean – nice!”
by Rick McKinley

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