Friday, May 30, 2014

speak love only

are you listening, mortal,
you are only human
not your job to fix this
leave it to God
God is fully capable
God will correct this
in God’s time
trust, believe,
leave it to God

quiet your tongue
do not speak evil
don’t be jealous of them
their power, their position
their influence on them
the place which they hold
speak love only
the fruit of the Spirit
reject the selfish self

only then able
to leave it, truly
to give it over to God
and not pick it back up
to walk in the kingdom
with the risen Christ
speak love only
sweet, like the Word of God,
a fragrant offering.

edited May 30, 2014
speak love only
edited May 30, 2014
offer grace only
May 30, 2014
offer love only
Galatians 5:17-26
Isaiah 27:6 (NIV)
Upper Room Daily Devotional
“More Fruit”
by Donna Savage
for May 27, 2014
read May 27, 2014
Upper Room Daily Devotional
for March and April 2014

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