Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Evolution – v2

A mat of green, burgundy, and brown
Covered the skin of the once open water;
The marsh, cut off by the black thread
The highway I travel so often.

Lily pads, bent edges exposed by the bloom
The burst of their growth;
Between the rushes and ribbon of water
Flowing down from the woods.

How recently it was different
Ducks paddling where the blanket is now;
Untrammeled by invasive species,
The runoff of fertilizers of the farms around.

Choked water of brown not blue
Murk and smell off the road that sealed its doom;
Away from the fresh lake, the clear water
On the other side forevermore.

Soon it will be colored by fall hues
Fragile weakened trees;
Shedding leaves too quickly
Sooner than nearby in healthier soils.

Truly it can be said,
Mournful are the harbingers,
The progeny, the children,
Of thoughtless development.

edited April 14, 2015
Evolution – v2

August 15, 2005 11:46

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