Sunday, December 27, 2009

Poor Shepherds

Like the poor fisherman
eking out a living by the sea
the ones who would follow the Christ
Angels announcing the savior’s birth
to poor shepherds, alone in the night
tending sheep upon the hillside
going to Bethlehem
Witnesses to the angels’ joy

Like the shepherds,
but knowing more of his story,
we must leave the manger
the stable bathed in light

Going from Bethlehem
out into the dark world
proclaiming our joy
the Good News
Christ has come
to set us free
Sharing the news
to the ends of the world

December 26, 2009
Upper Room Disciplines for 2009
for December 21, 2009 to December 27, 2009
“Responding to God’s Gifts”,
by Sam Clark
Luke 2:1-20
for December 24, 2009

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