Saturday, December 15, 2007

Thy Will be Done

We pray that Thy will, oh Lord
will be done, a prayer for the world
for the world for all time,
to be the heaven on earth
Thy kingdom here on earth
a safe place for man and God
a holy place, without war, with peace
that peaceable kingdom
a reality, if there were only Your will
in force, subsuming, replacing the will of man
of each one of us, flawed human choices
that created the schism
between man and God
at the very beginning.
As the Son said,
in the moment of crisis.
Thy will be done, Father

Matthew 6:9-13
Isaiah 11:1-10

Hallowed be Thy name

Hallowed be Thy name,
Father God, author of all
that was and is and will be
of the here and now, of the future
that is yet to be
author, creator, imaginer of
worlds too great for us to fathom
for truths to deep to perceive
Hallowed by Thy name
for the love you have heaped
on your creation, the things in it
each one of us, blessed by the breath of life
your breath, giving us breath, air to breath
Hallowed by Thy name
for the wonders of relationship
for trials and tribulations
for happiness and sorrow
for beginnings and endings
Hallowed by Thy name
for your desire to be with us
to walk with us as in the garden
to bring us back to you
for this and so much more
Hallowed by Thy name

December 15, 2007
Matthew 6:9-13

A Flotilla of Notes in a Bottle

Each poem, each post, each email
send out into the ether, the internet,
the realm of cyberspace, each one
a note, a prayer, a question, a thought
scratched, written, rolled and placed
purposely, gently into, a clear bottle
sent into the ocean, the stream, the unknown
hoping to find a welcoming shore

December 15, 2007

Holy Prophets

Like Isaiah, John in the river,
Jesus, the Christ,
we are to be holy prophets
sharing the Good News
to all the people, all the captives,
all of us sinners
Not fortune tellers,
not seers of the future,
the future none of us has seen
We are to be witness to the works,
to be workers in the world
missionaries of our Father, our Brother
giving hope, comfort, assurance
of that future,
that steadfast love of God
present since the creation
present still, all around us
in every means of grace
we see

December 15, 2007
Psalm 146:5-10, Isaiah 61:1-2, Luke 4:18-19,
Matthew 28:18-20

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Snow Colored

The sky, the air, everything, everywhere I look
not a fog, a filter, a screen, a white veneer
lowering, darkening, all before the first flake
mingles with the air, tumbles and falls to the ground
a palpable film over my vision
as the storm approaches

December 13, 2007

Daily Bread – 1

Lord, we bow in prayer, the prayer you taught us
taught the disciples, so long ago
and we affirm the faith we share
with those peoples in the desert
who grumbled and feared,
regretting the comfort of their oppression
the security of their imprisonment
who feared the unknown
more than the Pharaoh’s whip
How you gave them just enough
each day, for year on year, day on day
to sustain them in their journey
their journey to regain their faith
How much we too,
comfortable in our space
need to remember your provision,
your providence, oh Lord, Almighty God
Count on you to provide
so long as we do your will
in this place
as we discern your will
through bowing in prayer
to hear your voice, your call
for this generation

December 13, 2007
Matthew 6:9-13

Thy Will

Thy Will be done
here, now, in this place
this creation, this earth
This place where you have birthed me
where we share this space together
members of your body here
So is the prayer, within the prayer
you taught us Lord
that the Father’s will
will be done
here, on earth
So we pray each time we join
into one voice, echoing
up to the rafters
or down to the floor, heads bowed
in prayer
That we would do your will
and trust in you
for our Daily Bread

December 13, 2007
Matthew 6:9-13


Devotions, reading the word
every day, messages
for me, if I will listen, pay attention
words written for me, for instruction,
reflection, to ease my disquiet,
to lean on, words of grace, of faith,
of trust in the Lord. Words given
by other saints, sinners, on the journey
we all share, individually
Words on the page,
written for each of us
to ponder and to put into action

December 13, 2007

First Born

First Born of the creation,
of the resurrection of the dead
at the beginning, someone to share
the wonders of the creation
our Savior. Timeless and yet human
at the beginning and in the stable laid down
with Him at the start, the instance of time
and born anew by the virgin, raised after death
to rise and sit on high, waiting for the father
to send him back here, once more
to bring us all home

December 13, 2007
Based on Colossians 1:11-20 and the sermon,
“Imaging Jesus”, by the Reverend Lori Eldredge,
Wesley United Methodist Church, Concord, NH
November 25, 2007


After the rains,
the cold heavy fall rains,
there was
a different forest, a change
shades of brown, of yellow,
the oaks, birches, the duller
evergreens, replacing
the brighter cousins,
maples and others
darker brown, grayer green
foretelling the winter to come
the fall rains, stripping away
the colors, hunkering down
for winter

December 13, 2007

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Black Ice

What was the weather forecast,
what did they say? Black ice?
Words that harken back, bring me
to a moment of sadness, of loss
Seeing you, the car, the chaos
Black ice, no control, nowhere to go
between the shoulders, the lines,
unknown when or where
the ice had taken over
where the surface was no more
and the ice was in control
Hidden danger, black ice

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December 12, 2007
“Black Ice”
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(the 13th anniversary of my father’s fatal accident)
written June 18, 2001 10:54pm
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February 14, 1991
and my car accident
the day I applied to law school
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Matthew 28:20 (NRSV)
Romans 8:31-39
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Romans 14:10-12
Romans 14:1-12
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Men’s Bible Study
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Stetson Memorial United Methodist Church
Patten, ME
January 12, 2014
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series of new poems
also about my father’s death,
after reviewing poem by Jacob Montgomery,
“Icy Lanes”,
(see more of his poems at:
and exchanging emails with him about that poem
and my father’s death
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August 22, 2013
“eyes not shut”
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by Chip Bergeron
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October 2, 2011
Did You Hear Her Cry
after rereading earlier poem,
“Mile Marker 19”
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“No Life in Your Eyes – v2”
February 11, 2011
“No Life in Your Eyes”
remembering the 20th anniversary
of my father’s death, February 14, 1991
written at the House of Purpose coffeehouse
Hillsboro, NH
February 11, 2011
new poem February 11, 2014
Where you are scattered
posted March 22, 2004
written 2/26/2001
Adam Asked
posted March 18, 2004
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posted March 17, 2004
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The Submariner
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Home Again – v2
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Ashes – v2
March 2, 2001
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“Home Again”
posted March 10, 2004
written April 3, 2001 8:47am
posted February 8, 2004
original version written 5/20/2000
“Mile Marker 19”
posted to my blog on February 8, 2004,
as the 15th poem put on the site -
about my father’s fatal car accident
near Mile Marker 19
on the Spaulding Turnpike
Rochester, NH
February 14, 1991 at 7:02pm
Valentine’s Day

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Haunting, warming color
amethyst glass, showing itself
out of the dirt at the bottle dump
Sitting pristine in the corner cabinet
catching the light
shade of violet, paling skin, transparent,
translucent, quartz
emergent color
glinting in the sun

started 12/12/07

Cemetery Stones

Tactile memories
in the cemetery stones
visual reflections of the times
the ages in which the country knew
imagery of hell, of heaven,
of lives as they were lived,
or of how they want to be remembered
tactile granite, marble, slate,
yielding in their turn to the rain,
the ice, the lichen, the moss,
the wind, the ages
Hear the whispers in the wind
the feel of the cemetery stones
rough, cool, smooth
places of remembrance
to be felt

December 12, 2007

Snail Tracks

Down by the water’s edge
in the space between the tides
tiny little roads for one
the furrowed rows
meandering to the sea
of the snails cast by the surf
up onto the beach
purposely fighting
to push their way
into the water
for dear life
Struggling but persevering
because they must

December 12, 2007

Freshly turned soil

Something about the forty something temperature
the warm rain yesterday, the melting snow and ice
made my mind wander to springtime once more
to the feel, the smell, the tactile luxury
in freshly turned soil, easing its will
to the spade, the trowel, willingly giving
itself for the planting of the flowers
to bloom oh so shortly, up from the rich sol
A hope of the spring to come
nascent in the warmth of the day
reminding us of the shortness of the seasons
and every season in its time

December 12, 2007

Blue Hands

Laughter, bright holy laughter
preceded the blur of blue, running down the church’s hallway
hands held high, blue past the wrists,
barging through the bathroom door
hands touching everything along the way
Blue hands of the giggling boys, the laughing girls
festooned with colors of their own
learning a lesson about finger paints
along with their scripture
that Sunday morning
as did their teacher

December 12, 2007

Cobalt Blue

For some it was depression glass,
others emerald, or Tiffany’s
But for her it was the rich, dark
shimmering deep cobalt blue
Catching her eye at the tag sale,
the little shop, adorning her table,
her window sill, her hutch
Deep cobalt blue,
fall in and spend a while blue

December 12, 2007

At the Altar Rail

After the concerns, the celebrations
the pastors moved to the altar rail
to lead us in prayer
A small smiling face
looked my way, asking for permission
to walk forward, kneel beside her pastor
She stride was determined, purposeful
half-standing, half-kneeling,
leaning into her robe
next to the stole, so close to her face
Going forward, to pray at the altar rail
her faith, her certainty, a joy to see

December 12, 2007

Monday, December 10, 2007

An Altar Call

Stepping out of your pew
out of our assigned seating
moved by the message,
to step out in faith
out of our comfort zone
and kneel at the rail,
at your altar Lord,
to take on the mantle
the yoke you have for us
to do your will and your work
now and in this place.
Oh we are timid and slow,
sometimes a bit stubborn.
Help us Lord, to walk on that water
fearless, eyes on you
When you call

December 10, 2007
Inspired by the words of Oprah Winfrey,
this weekend, in Columbia, SC,
in explaining why she is acting now
to support Barack Obama for President

Hope in the Desert

There is hope in the desert
the long suffering of the people of God
hope in the promise of rain, of reconciliation
of being back on the path to Zion
back in union with God
Even in the midst of winter, there is hope
in the coming of the Christ-child,
the shoot of Jesse, made king once more
the king in the manger, warm in the stable straw
the swaddling clothing, foretelling his burial;
but hope in the death and resurrection
fulfilling all the law, all the prophets
our hope in thee alone, Lord Jesus
hope in the grace of God
Like the Christmas cactus,
bearing flower in the dead of winter
we are reminded each Advent
of the hope in the desert
the shoot bearing life,
bearing witness
to our salvation
for the promises fulfilled
the promises kept
by God alone

December 10, 2007
Isaiah 35:1-10

Uncomfortable Imagery

The pastor knitted imagery
that didn’t go quite together
that were a bit incongruous, a bit distinct
images of the word, “uncomfortable”
of Scrooge, of the Grinch, a marriage
in trouble, a depressed elder,
waiting for death, alone,
feeling unworthy of Communion,
lamenting the ills of this world,
this time and place
Musing on the image of John
standing hot and dirty
in the dirty water, in camel hair,
cinched tight to his body,
eating locust, uncomfortable purity
Preaching an uncomfortable word
in the hot desert, the wilderness
fulfilling the prophecy for his own life
the prophecy of the coming
of the child to ministry, to kingship,
of a very different kind
Finding hope, repentance, saving,
baptism, not so much in the dirty water itself
but in the place, the Jordan,
finding hope too in the frank words
the honesty of the man in the nursing home
the hope in the name of Scrooge, Ebenezer,
the stone that Samuel placed
in God’s provision, His saving of the people
long before even Isaiah’s prophecy
Hope for a different future
in uncomfortable wrappers,
foreshadowing the problem
of comprehending Jesus, and his message
in society’s eyes, the eyes of the people
even to this day

edited July 22, 2019
Uncomfortable Imagery – v2

December 10, 2007
Uncomfortable Imagery
Based on Matthew 3:1-6 and Matthew 3:11-12
and the sermon “God’s Powerful Promise”,
by the Reverend Peter Hey, December 9, 2007,
Wesley United Methodist Church, Concord, NH

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Sunday, December 09, 2007

Let this be the Peaceable Kingdom

The predator will lie down with the prey
all will eat the grass, all will be at peace
so the words of the prophet foretell a time
when the worries of the world will fade to nothingness
when we will all live together harmoniously
with Jesse’s shoot, up from the cut stump
will reign forevermore
Let this be the peaceable kingdom now, Oh Lord,
May we be the generation where peace shall reign
and justice will come to this troubled earth
May we be the people who will bend
the spears into pruning hooks
Where war will be known no more
Help us Lord we pray
that the madness would cease
that the killing would end
that the violence, the maiming
would stop

December 9, 2007
Isaiah 11:1-10

Go to the Stable

We, like the shepherds, the wise men,
the father and mother, go to the stable
each year, at this time, to be reminded
to journey with them to be counted,
to await the Messiah’s birth, to feel him
with us again, more real in the moment,
this time of year, feeling the savior
coming into the world, as a child
His baptism, in the Jordan, that water
so rich in meaning, the exodus
from slavery to Egypt
He now separating us from sin
The short walk to his ministry,
his teachings, his life as example
for us all. His martyrdom, death
on the tree. Buried. To rise again.
But it is the stable, the manger,
where God came among us
where we kneel down,
and see God
as a baby, precious
and vulnerable
the shoot out of Jesse’s root
the fulfillment of the law and the prophets
the Word made flesh
God with us
born in a manger bed
Go to the stable

December 9, 2007

Come to the Stable

Come to the stable you pilgrims
you believers, needing to be reborn
needing to be affirmed in your faith
needing this advent season, needing
desperately, to be in the spirit
within the stable, standing, kneeling by
the baby’s bed, the baby’s manger bed
look into his face, the face of his parents
see the truth of his life, his call, his fulfillment
He is the one they had hoped for, for centuries
waiting for the stump, the stump of Jesse
to bear a son, a shoot, a new branch
ready to take the mantle of David
to rise to lead his people, to set his people free
to seal the breach so long ago, mend the bond
provide a path, a way, to reconciliation
with the father, to be the one
who would create heaven on earth
We wait too, again, for the child in the manger
and the king to descend from heaven
and bring us home

December 9, 2007

Life in the Shoot

There was life in the shoot
the shoot of Jesse
growing up out of the root
the child, the Son
was born, we were reborn
when the shoot of Jesse
fulfilled the promise
the promise of God
told to the prophet Isaiah
fulfilling the hopes of the nation
the people of the Book
the covenant people,
children of Abraham
There is life in the shoot
life for each of us
in the company
the relationship
with our brother
living out the dream
the trust in the coming of God
once again
the ultimate coming
of the kingdom of God

December 9, 2007
Isaiah 11:1-10

A Dormant Stump

for generations, for centuries
the stump lay dormant
seemingly dead
to outside observers
But God's promise
to Isaiah, to Israel
was living still
in the stump of Jesse
waiting to sprout
to grow, fulfill
promises of old
to heal the people
to bring hope
and everlasting peace

December 9, 2007
Isaiah 11:1-10