Thursday, January 27, 2005

Pillows of snow

Pillows of light, white snow
Atop the raspberry bramble
At the back of the yard
The edge of the wild place
Behind my building
In town

A winter scene
Breathless in the cold still air
Glistening back at me
As the light refracts against
The myriad of individual snowflakes
Gently joining in the blanket

Whisper only
Of dry grasses and a clutch of leaves
Left above on a twig
Breaking my reverie
While I am inside
Hearing the day to day sounds
Of my office place
Clack of keys,
Hum of the fluorescent lights,
Whir of the computer fan

Oh to be loose in the wood
With snowshoes and camera
To crunch among the vines,
Underbrush and downfallen branches
To catch a glimpse of the small features
And magic in the snow

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