Thursday, August 11, 2005

Cost Accounting Haiku's

Monday morning, included as the trailer to a posting on the National Conference on College Cost Accounting list serve (a very informative place, but one where the arts don't often hold sway), there were two wonderful university cost accounting based haiku's. Having toiled in those fields since 1985, they really spoke to me.

I asked the author via email if I can post them to this site. Later this morning Caroline wrote back...

"I am not a poet, but the stresses of F&A work squeezed these two haiku out of me. I actually had help from my co-worker, Sara on the Cost Analyst's haiku."

So, here are the two poems...

A Revenue Distribution Specialist's Haiku

Revenue flows in.
Distribute to everyone.
Complexity Reigns!

A Cost Analyst's Haiku

Direct costs in Pools
allocated to Bases --
Unending journey.

Caroline M. Beeman, Director of Cost Analysis
University of Virginia, Financial Analysis
P.O. Box 400194
Charlottesville, VA 22904-4194

How right she/they is/are... And by this posting, she is a poet too... Thanks Caroline!

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