Saturday, January 14, 2017

A Cloud of Strawberry – v3

Open the windows, air out the house
a cloud of strawberry, spreading
filling, living, growing,
moving from room to room
a living presence with us

Lingering too, on her fingers
in her hair, on her skin, her clothes
an aura following her, scent trails;
just as I had done, long ago
in my aunt’s small bathroom

Finding, discovering, sharing
strawberry spray, liberated
from a point of origin, spreading,
a brushfire throughout the house
as it must have been on Pentecost

edited January 14, 2017
A Cloud of Strawberry – v3
edited November 1, 2014
A Cloud of Strawberry – v2
May 13, 2009
A Cloud of Strawberry
Shanequa spraying the house about a week ago
My own adventures with strawberry spray
40 years earlier at my Aunt Ruth Hanford’s house
and getting caught because that part of the house
then smelled like strawberry spray…

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