Saturday, December 09, 2006


Shine in the darkness
Hear God’s call in the wilderness
Answer “Here I am Lord, use me”
Never forget God’s saving grace
Ever be grateful of the Holy Spirit at work in you
Question the acts of the people
Use your gifts for God’s glory
Arise with an open heart ready to do God’s will

December 9, 2006 8:40
In the Sunday School lesson for Middle High School students for December 10, 2006, within the Seasons of the Spirit curriculum, there is an assignment based on Luke 1:68-79, the prophecy of Zechariah. We are to “invite youth to consider what it means to have the words, ‘And you, child, will be…’ spoken to them. In what ways might they live out this blessing and vision? Invite youth to create acrostic poems by writing the letters of their names vertically down the left side of the sheets of paper. Have them use each of the letters of their name to start a word or sentence to describe one way in which they could be a prophet, telling others about God’s way.” This is one of a series of 6 poems (five written by me and one about me written by my wife Ruth) trying to prepare myself for this task by writing an acrostic poem following these directions about each of the five members of my family. RAF 12/9/06 12:12

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