Monday, May 28, 2007

Becoming Bold

It was that one pivotal moment
when it all began
when the Word
moved from heavenly sent
to earthly spread
when the weak became bold
gained their voice, their strength
come out of hiding, speak truth to power,
to all who would listen, whatever the cost
to tell the world the precious story
of the Christ, sacrificial lamb,
and Savior; that urgent truth
we cling too yet, commissioned we too
by that same Savior, emboldened too
by that same Spirit, like tongues of fire
resting on our souls, searing the truth
into us. We too to share
the Good News
to the ends of the earth

edited June 3, 2014
Becoming Bold – v3
(editing original again)
edited May 30, 2014
Becoming Bold – v2
May 28, 2007 14:55
Becoming Bold
Acts 2:1-21

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