Saturday, October 11, 2008

Fired Up for Christ on Monday

One of the messages on the screen
that we are so fired up for Christ
sitting safely, reverently, in the pews on Sunday
If only we could be fired up for Christ
on Monday, throughout the week,
in our work, in our play, in our daily lives
as we live out our days,
never shy about our faith
that which we believe,
ready to share our journey
our love of Christ
whenever the spirit moves us
no matter the perceived cost

October 11, 2008
Please watch


Jeff said...

Good poem.
And good video.
I emailed the link to that video to those in my Address Book.

In college, I took a World Religions course, where the professor was an Atheist. One time, he said, "Now we're all going to take a moment and be silent, and see if God will speak." I wish I had the courage (and the wisdom) to have said something at that moment, but I didn't.

In the same class, we would have guest speakers from various religions. One time, a guy came, supposedly representing Christianity, but, instead of talking about Christ, he talked about 'religion' being the thing we should follow. I was sitting in the back, and I raised my hand and asked him (hoping to get him to start talking about Christ instead of religion), "If "Religion" is so great, then why did Jesus call the religious leaders of His day, 'whitewashed graves'?" Every head in the classroom immediately turned to look at me, and they all had very surprised looks. The guest speaker gave some bland reply, but he never did focus on Christ.

Yesterday, two Jehovah's Witnesses came to my door, and I talked to them about Christ, trying to show them that the Bible does talk about the concept of the Trinity, and trying to show them that its a contradiction to believe that Jesus is both a 'lesser god' and also Michael the Archangel, as they believe. At the end, I was filled with overflowing joy. One of the greatest joys a Christian can have is sharing Christ with someone else.

Many Christians abhor Halloween, because of all the satanic/demonic influence, etc. Since last year, it has become my favorite holiday, because I had 150 kids come to my door, and I gave a gospel tract to every one of them. In the past, I have gone to the mall, to the movie theater, to football games, to fairs, door-to-door, and even to a Jehovah's Witness city-wide conference, to hand out gospel tracts and witness to people. But on Halloween, I don't have to go anywhere to hand out gospel tracts---the devil sends them to my door!

Oh, and as far as being "fired up for Christ on Monday"...when I have tried to get other Christians to go witnessing with me in the past, most of them are unwilling to do so. They prefer to stay within the walls of their local church, rather than go where the sinners are, to share Jesus with them. They use excuses such as "that's not my gift," or, "I wouldn't know what to say," when, in fact, the Great Commission is a command. It's not only for overseas missionaries.

Jeff said...

Wow...I just now went to your "Famous Poets and Poems" page. You wrote 3136 poems there??? WOW!!

I have written some poetry, as well (I have 2 web pages of them), and a couple have even been published (one in a school publication in Jr. High School, and one in, of all things, a Pre-Cast Concrete magazine). But 3136 poems? Wow, that is mind-boggling to me!