Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Coming of the Christ Child

Hard to put into words
the coming of the Christ child
an infant, our savior
nestled in a manger

Not noticed by the people
the prophecy fulfilled
the child from Jesse’s stem
the root of David, the king

Born to save us all
let us prepare, dance, and sing
For we are so unworthy
the gift of grace alone

God come down as man
to walk this lowly earth
a servant, whipped and mocked
hung on a cross to die

Saving us by taking our sin
coming to earth for this
rising on the third day
oh what utter bliss

Seated at the right side of God
the father and the son
the holy spirit within us
until our time here is done

Rising on wings like eagles
running without growing faint
spreading the good news of Christ
Our loving savior lives!

December 15, 2009
Upper Room Daily Devotional
December 13, 2009
Romans 10:4-17
Luke 2:10-11
“The Best News”,
by Christine Kalmbach

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