Wednesday, February 13, 2013

they will hurt you again

they will hurt you again
your family, your neighbors
those you claim to love
those who are close to you
it is to those Christ spoke of
when he answered Peter
needing to forgive incessantly
to our brother, to our sister
for we too our human
mortal, feet of clay
we to hurt our neighbor
when our ego gets in the way
thinking we are holy
that our way is righteous
stepping on those we love
hurting our own neighbor

February 13, 2013
Matthew 18:22
Matthew 18:21-35
Matthew 5:44-45
Exodus 23:4-5
Luke 6:27-35
“Love for Enemies”
Upper Room Daily Devotional
by Derek Sum Wei Siang
for February 6, 2013
read February 7, 2013

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