Saturday, November 30, 2013

The Morsel of Bread – v13

What must he have felt, Judas there with them
sharing in the meal, hearing the master’s voice
knowing what he knew, what he had done
(but not all of what would unfold)
the invocation, the intoning of these words
these words of the teacher, the master, Rabbi
changing the ancient words of remembrance
saying something entirely new, a new covenant

The morsel of bread dipped, shared from His hands
His words to go, to do that which is planned quickly
what must he have thought, in that moment
realizing he was discovered, that Christ already knew
the doubt, the confusion, steps set in motion
unable to return, to pull back, the wheels of time turning
His body, His blood, in that bit of bread from Jesus
His sacrifice, wet, dripping on his hands

Running from the room, with the others
out into the cold night, the world, Jerusalem
no longer safe, within the sheepfold, out of Christ’s protection
into the night, into the swirl, the chaos
Did the cold greet him, like a heavy leaden cloak
or did it hasten his steps to the Temple
to spring the trap of evil, to capture
to betray the One foretold, our hope, Messiah

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“The Morsel of Bread – v13”
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“The Morsel of Bread – v12”
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“The Morsel of Bread – v2”
February 1, 2009
“The Morsel of Bread”
Matthew 26:14-30
Matthew 26:26-28
Mark 14:12-26
Mark 14:24-26
Luke 22:1-30
Luke 22:14-23
Luke 22:14-20
John 6:53-59
John 13:1-30
John 13:21-30
John 13:27-30
and sermon, “Even Me Lord?”
by Pastor Ruth Foss
sermon blog
meditation blog
Suncook United Methodist Church
Suncook, NH
February 1, 2009

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