Thursday, November 28, 2013

the tears of a sinner – v3

authentic witness
the calling of Matthew
the tax collector, a sinner
seating before Christ

rising from his bench
sitting at his table
collecting Rome’s taxes
knowing he was a sinner

Called by Christ, to come,
following the Shepherd
the tears of a sinner
knowing he was forgiven

Edited November 28, 2013
“the tears of a sinner – v3”
(Thanksgiving Day)
Edited August 20, 2013
“the tears of a sinner – v2”
April 7, 2013
“the tears of a sinner”
video and
Spirit Study
April 7, 2013
Matthew 9:9-13
Luke 5:27-33
The calling of Matthew
Luke 18:9-14
The Tax Collector and the Pharisee
and The Bible miniseries, merging the two stories x
The Christian Post article about episode 4 of The Bible miniseries:
pages 115-117
Chapter 5,
“Sinners, Outcasts, and the Poor”
third book in a series of books -
“The Way: Walking in the Footsteps of Jesus”
by Reverend Adam Hamilton
read 2/23/2012
“Final Words from the Cross”
24 Hours That Changed the World
Spirit study led by Pastor Ruth Foss
sermon blog
meditation blog
Suncook United Methodist Church
Suncook, NH              
April 7, 2013

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