Tuesday, November 21, 2006

A King

A king, not of this world
being baited, tested, by the emissary,
the local ruler, representative
of the Emperor
Would it be sedition and the cross
or innocence and release?
A parsed, careful,
purposeful conversation
assuaging fears; but not good enough
for the powers who wanted to remain so
I find no fault with him; I will release him
Heresy! He must die! Because he is a threat
a threat to us, because of the claims, the signs
the prophesy. For he is the Messiah,
the one who was before the world was begun
the word made flesh, the living god in our midst
and that would be bad, because we share power
with the human kings, priests, scribes
the power structure in place now
Why oh why would you let him live
He is a threat to us all

November 21, 2006 20:09
John 18:33-37

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