Sunday, November 19, 2006

Questions of the Children

Impossible questions, real-life questions
rang through the church this week,
hard painful impossible questions of loss
of death in sudden and agonizingly long ways
of young lives lost to cancer, to SIDS,
of questions and loss for so many who knew them
who knew their parents, of the cascade of memory
that we all carry of our losses in this human life
when one we loved was lost
to the mystery of the time of death
the choosing of God, beyond our comprehension
and oh so far beyond our explanations
questions of the children left hanging in the air
frozen like the air itself will be all too soon
in the cold of winter
But we share the gift of the belief
in the resurrection and the coming of the kingdom
so we have an answer for death
in the promise of that future
however far off it may be

November 19, 2006 21:54

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