Sunday, November 19, 2006

Praying in the Wilderness

Praying in the wilderness,
a metaphor for the prayers of the people
chosen by God, the children of Abraham, of Jacob,
of Moses, the ones who have struggled, toiled,
trying to live up to the law, the holy Torah
praying for the intercession, for the healing
the communion with the God that chose them
that made covenant with them time and again
that heard the cries of the people, brought them
out of slavery, out of bondage; but marched them
in the desert, in the wilderness.
They pray still, to this day, for the coming,
the return of Elijah, the Messiah, the chosen one.
The do not share the grace, the belief,
that He was here; but it is prayers in the wilderness
that speak the truth of these people
of the separation, the loss of union
with their God and ours

November 19, 2006 21:47

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