Friday, September 04, 2009

Only One is Named

Only one of them
on that dusty Emmaus road
given a name, identity
we are able, led,
to put ourselves into the story
joining Cleopas,
the stranger, walking
on that journey
after the death,
unclear on the future
not yet aware of the resurrection
the completing of the prophecy
walking with them
a journey to faith
to awareness
able to see the risen Christ
walking beside you,
walking beside me

September 4, 2009
Luke 24:13-35
Walk to Emmaus
after posting The Unnamed Disciples to Facebook

The Unnamed Disciples

With Cleopas, walking home
on the Road to Emmaus
Leaving Jerusalem, on a journey
traveling from the city of David
wondering what is to become of His ministry
now that the Master is gone
So much pain, so much confusion
not truly understanding these things

Walking on that road
joined by a stranger, seemingly unaware
unaware of the events which have dominated our days
from the triumphant entrance, hosannas and palms
to the cross, to death, to the grave
Reports of the empty tomb, of his rising
but emptiness mainly
The stranger sharing, what is this he says
the prophecy of the Messiah
in the life of our Master
the scripture fulfilled
Walking homeward
entering in
Our savior lives!
in the breaking of bread

We are the unnamed disciple
walking with Christ
so unsure, so troubled
when we should have joy instead
Believing, if we but walk with him
look to the scripture, to the words of old
his life, his ministry, all of this foretold
The words he shared with Cleopas, with us as well
as true today, as on the road to Emmaus
the road home, to our Father
walking with our savior, with our brother
Sharing the good news with the others
until all of us have heard,
to the ends of the earth

April 22, 2009
Luke 24:13-35
Walk to Emmaus

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