Friday, July 12, 2013

Christ is my neighbor

for all I know, the person before me
the one in the ditch, in the gutter
the person in need
this could be my Savior
for Christ is my neighbor
whoever here on earth
of sacred worth
the scripture expressing
a judgment before me
the Levite, the scribe
the law, the Pharisee
what we value,
of limited importance
how we offer grace
all that really counts

July 12, 2013
Luke 10:29-37
cover art of the July-August, 2013
Upper Room Devotional
 “Good Samaritan”
Artist: Stephen Sawyer
(USA, Contemporary)
Interpreter: Mona Bagasao-Cave
with Christ’s and her question, “who is my neighbor?”
seen July 12, 2013
email sent to artist Stephen Sawyer 7/12/13:
I just got a large print copy of The Upper Room for July and August with your painting as the cover art. I am working on poems inspired by it and wondered if you would be willing to answer a couple of questions about it. Did you read Mona Bagasao-Cave's interpretation? Is it consistent with what you wanted to convey?

Also, I noticed that the painting showed both the men clothed and that no blood was shown. Was that intentional and, if so, why did you show the victim clothed?

Also, I feel that the victim looks about the age of Jesus and very much like several images of Christ. Was that intentional as well?

It is drawing me to answer Mona's question as if the victim is Jesus and Jesus is my neighbor, much like the sheep and goats judgment in Matthew 25:31-46. She asked us to put ourselves into the image but I see myself, as one of the others, who might have been too busy to stop.

Finally, there is a softness about the victim, which made me think of a gay man I know, who often wore that type of shirt. Could you have been including that quality to the victim?

Lots of questions I know, but a wonderful painting to generate such. Thank you. Ray Foss, Poetry Where You Live,”.

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