Friday, August 23, 2013

Dona Nobis Pacem – v2

These were the words they chanted,
prayed together, the six voices joined in a round
a dance of the song, rising and falling
following the metronome of his direction
the movement of his hand
pulling them with him
stronger, stronger

I felt the words, murmuring through the sanctuary
a wave moving through the still space, darker in the back
far down the center aisle I stood, offering basket in hand
joining their song in humming, not wanting to break the spell
of their singing, but sharing the ancient words of Latin
not speaking them really, breathing instead

A capella voices, chasing each other in round,
threads moving together, in motion
wrapping us in the joy of the words
The words mean Give us Peace,
and they do, each time the choir sings
softly, emphatically, spiritually,
those words of God’s grace

edited January 4, 2014
Dona Nobis Pacem – v5
(editing version 3)
Edited November 27, 2013
Dona Nobis Pacem – v4
(editing version 2)
Edited August 24, 2013
Dona Nobis Pacem – v3
(from original)
Edited August 23, 2013
Dona Nobis Pacem – v2
November 19, 2006 21:32
Dona Nobis Pacem
Rejuvenation service
Wesley United Methodist Church
Concord, NH

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