Thursday, November 07, 2013

A Lobster Pot – v3

A lobster pot
tossed by the sea
onto the rocks
wedged in the jetty
between the boulders
of the breakwater
thrust into the Atlantic;
Pristine, but barnacled,
seaweed covered, lost, adrift
crashed where we found it
in the jagged wet rocks,
on the Maine coast
that long ago summer

Climbing down among the stones
to bring it up, into the light
no minor feat, heavy
scraping on the barnacles
Lug the dead weight
down the jetty,
to the beach;
Abandon our find,
our catch
to true owners
claiming their rights
as we left the rocks
and touched the sand before us

Edited November 7, 2013
“A Lobster Pot – v3”
(editing original again)
Edited May 4, 2013
“A Lobster Pot – v2”
March 11, 2007 15:23
“A Lobster Pot”

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