Saturday, November 09, 2013

Wine forever bitter, sweeter – v5

Christ’s words ringing, present in my heart
recounting his Passion story
the words, the cross, the weight
tearing of my heart, a wound open

Wine forever bitter, sweeter
knowing the awful cost, his sacrifice
Bread forever pungent, richer
what he must have sensed
Forever changed from that moment,
by the power of these words hanging in the air
The dusty space, closed in, in that upper room

The words imprinted within them, within us
his choice, his sacrifice, as the betrayer fled them
while evil stalked that night, presence
these words of Jesus, to remember

What he was about to suffer, his path in this life
choosing the gate of the cross, our path to paradise
They could never eat bread the same way again
we too, if we truly listen, if we hear him
if we can picture what we have done
They could never drink wine without remembering
these fateful words he spoke, changing

The upper room echoing, haunting them,
walking changed in this life, yet with a purpose
the bread his body, the wine his blood
poured out as a blessing, our sacrifice

God’s mercy, His prayer for them, for all of us
That we would believe, that we would remember
that each time we break the bread, joined together
each time the cup is raised, in love, in fellowship
remembering Christ’s sacrifice, God’s love for us
Going to the cross, holding nothing back,
giving his all, all he was, dying for all of us

edited February 17, 2015
Bread forever different – v2
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They could never eat bread or drink wine without remembering – v2
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wine forever bitter, sweeter – v7
(editing version 3)
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Wine forever bitter, sweeter – v6
(editing version 5)
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“Wine forever bitter, sweeter – v5”
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“Wine forever bitter, sweeter – v4”
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“wine forever bitter, sweeter – v3”
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“Wine forever bitter, sweeter – v2”
Holy Saturday
April 2, 2012
wine forever bitter, sweeter
earlier version, poem:
“Bread forever different”
and earlier version, poem:
“They could never eat bread or drink wine without remembering”
Luke 22:19b
Luke 22:16-20
Last Supper
Sanctuary for Lent for 2012
by Robert V. Dodd
scripture and meditation for April 2, 2012
read April 2, 2012

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