Sunday, January 15, 2017

Entering with Them – v10

Walking beside me
an usher, a deacon
offering me a bulletin
a welcome as I entered in
entering with them
the saints resting here
those who have yet to stay
in heaven above

Walking beside me
an usher, a deacon
offering me a place
as if at a wedding
seating behind the groom
in the bride’s church
something special about my time
in this hallowed space

edited January 15, 2017
Entering with Them – v10

(editing original)
edited January 16, 2016
Entering with Them – v9
(editing version 8)
edited January 15, 2016
Entering with Them – v8
(merging edits to original, version 7, version 6, version 5,
version 4, version 3, and version 2)
edited December 4, 2015
Entering with Them – v7
(Editing original)
edited August 19, 2015
Entering with Them – v6
(editing version 2)
edited May 9, 2015
Entering with Them – v5
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Edited October 8, 2014
Entering with Them – v4
The Elders Gathered – v3
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Entering with Them – v3
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edited May 27, 2015
behind their eyes – v2
new October 8, 2014
behind their eyes
edited June 11, 2015
The Rough Hewn Cross – v6
(editing version 5)
Edited October 13, 2013
“The Rough Hewn Cross – v5”
(editing version 4)
Edited September 2, 2013
“Standing in Their Presence – v3”
(editing original)
Edited July 16, 2013
“The Rough Hewn Cross – v4”
(editing original again)
“The Rough Hewn Cross – v3”
(editing version 2)
Edited November 29, 2012
“The Rough Hewn Cross – v2”
 “The Elders Gathered – v2”
 “Standing in Their Presence – v2”
 “Feeling the Peace of that Moment – v2”
 “Entering with Them – v2”
 “Stillness in the Chapel – v2”
New poems November 29, 2012
“A Heavy Presence”
 “A Kiss of Their Presence”
“The Weight of Their Presence”
 “A Sense of Presence”
about certain places seeming to have
an aura of a physical manifestation
of the spirit world
earlier poems, June 9, 2010:
Feeling the peace of that moment
The Rough Hewn Cross
Standing in Their Presence
The Elders Gathered
Entering with Them
Stillness in the Chapel
about time in the outdoor chapel
at First Congregational Church of Pembroke
301 Pembroke Street
Pembroke, NH
June 7, 2010, about 7:45pm
Edited November 28, 2012
“Smell of Snow – v2”
Friday, December 03, 2004 8:27
“Smell of Snow”
and other poems
Edited September 20, 2012
“Snow in the Air – v2”
December 30, 2006 12:08
“Snow in the Air”

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