Saturday, February 09, 2008

God’s Answer

God’s will, God’s time, God’s answer
to our prayers, to our petitions,
that is the hard part, the part where faith matters
when life becomes difficult, when the struggle continues
sometimes for generations, that is the test of faith
our lives, of service, of fidelity to God, the Father,
the Creator, Sustainer, the one of steadfast love

God’s answer to our prayers, in the ways of God,
not of man, in the ways of the divine, not the human
for God’s purposes, unknown to us
revealing in ways we cannot comprehend

This is the challenge of faith, in long-term faith
in the unknown, the unseen, the unfathomable
trusting in the steadfast love of God, a God
who sustained the people, who gave us a Savior,
to reconcile our sinfulness, who wiped away that stain;
a Spirit to support us in our trials;
a God who will bring us all home to Him
in His time, in His ways, in answers to prayer

February 9, 2008

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