Friday, August 12, 2011

Cloaked in our Shame

Wearing our sin
drinking that cup
submitting to God
giving his life

The glowing bodies
pure, light
stripped of his robe
wearing our stain

Cloaked in shame
going to the cross
dying that we may live
paying our price, our cost

August 12, 2011
written after seeing the poem,
“To God’s Will”,
before posting it to

To God’s Will

Christ, Love
God come to earth
the son, a man
submitting to God’s will
living out the father’s plan
Good, walking in the world
washing away our sin
the cup to his lips
bitter fruit of human hearts
the pure lamb
weighed down
the yoke, the cross
a crown of thorns
the cloak of our shame
humiliated for our sake
setting us from sin
walking according to God’s will

December 26, 2009
John 18:11
Luke 22:42
Luke 22:39-53
Luke 22:1-71 and
book, “Walking with Christ Everyday:
365 daily devotions for men”,
Day 357, “Thy Will Be Done”
read 12/26/09

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