Friday, August 08, 2014

with my heart I surrender to you

in my heart
in my spirit
I surrender to you
all my freedom
in my body
in my flesh
I am torn asunder
I am lost without you
out in the world.

edited February 5, 2015
with my heart I surrender to you – v2
August 7, 2014
with my heart I surrender to you
“A Night to Shine”
-       6:30 Community Praise & Worship, featuring Chuck Loucka on piano and special performances by special people to benefit Resting Arms Ministry.
-       A Love Offering will be taken.
-       Immediately following, pick up your glo stick and form
the 5th Annual Prayer Chain for the Addicted on the West side of Main St.
-       The church bells will ring for a half hour and
-       John Birmingham will play and sing on the Historical Society Porch.
-       We will end with The Lord's Prayer TOGETHER!
-       Stand with your neighbor and pray for healing.
sponsored by Jeremiah’s Corner
Jeremiah 29:11
led by Ellen Alward Dickinson
Music by Praise Team
led by Chuck Loucka
opening prayer by Pastor Ruth Foss
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meditation blog
“God’s Whisper” blog
Stetson Memorial United Methodist Church
August 7, 2014

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