Saturday, August 22, 2015

Ten Feet Overhead – v9

Just up ahead of me
To my right
Around the narrow point
In the bulrushes
A burst of squawks and
Beating of heavy wings
Filled the thick air

The head and then the long endless body
Rose right over
The length, the spine of my canoe
The great blue heron
Blocking my view

No more than ten feet above
My transfixed eyes.
It flew toward me
Thwump, thwump;
I heard the wings breaking
The early morning stillness around me

The majestic bird
Cupped its wings
And hovered for a moment,
Or a lifetime

Each feather was visible -
Rust, cream, slate,
And light-blue-eye-shadow.

I watched, in silence,
The bird fly off, audibly
Across the lake

edited August 21, 2015
Ten Feet Overhead – v9
(editing version 6)
edited December 9, 2014
Ten Feet Overhead – v8
(editing version 6)
edited April 3, 2014
Ten Feet (not Twenty) Overhead – v7
(editing version posted 5/3/2004)
Edited September 20, 2012
“Ten Feet Overhead – v6”
editing the 4th version (the one with Marie Harris input)
Edited September 20, 2012
“Ten Feet Overhead – v5”
(editing the 3rd version)
inspired by reading it at Poets’ Corner
monthly poetry reading,
at the Suncook Senior Center
September 10, 2012
Saved as separate file and reposted
September 20, 2012
published version – 2/7/2004
“Ten Feet Overhead – v4”
Written June 18, 2001, edits June 21 and June 22, 2001, based on input from NH Poet Laureate, Marie Harris.
The evolution of the poem - Ten Feet Overhead”
The three drafts below represent the evolution of a poem, "Ten Feet Overhead", based on a morning on Swains Lake in Barrington, NH in 2001, reading down from 1st draft to a second version, finally to the published version, posted here on 2/7/04. 
“Ten Feet Overhead – v3”
June 21, 2001
“Ten Feet Overhead – v2”
June 22, 2001
“Ten Feet Overhead – v1”
June 18, 2001

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