Thursday, November 26, 2015

Two Thieves – v3

With Christ there were crucified
humble, simple men
the two thieves on the cross
dying beside our Lord

What they must have felt
with their lives slipping away
knowing all too well their own sin
dying beside the unblemished lamb

One would deride Him
taunting God, even in his pain
the other begging for mercy
receiving the gift of paradise

Two thieves hanging
making such different choices
mocking our Savior
or seeking His forgiveness,
confessing his sins to God.

edited December 11, 2015
Two Thieves – v4
(editing original again)
edited November 26, 2015
Two Thieves – v3
Thanksgiving Day
(editing original)
edited July 7, 2015
Two Thieves – v2
March 26, 2010
Two Thieves
Luke 23:32, 39-43
and meditation title, “IV Two Thieves: Choosing in Our Agony”,
by the Reverend Peter A. Hey,
Wesley United Methodist Church
Concord, NH
March 28, 2010
Palm Sunday
Season of Lent

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