Saturday, June 10, 2017

a prayer for my enemies – v2

A prayer for my enemies
for those who would hurt me
a prayer for those seeking to harm me,
my loved ones, my life

A prayer that they would change
that God would speak to them
that they would repent
of their sin, their evil ways

A prayer of forgiveness
for those who would hurt me
I let go of my hands, my grip,
around their necks

A prayer for redemption for me
for all of them, for us, together,
that God’s love would reign
in me, in their hearts

edited June 10, 2017
a prayer for my enemies – v2

May 24, 2017
a prayer for my enemies
Matthew 18:1-5
Matthew 5:44-45
Thought of the Day:
“Jesus, our example,
forgave those who hurt him”
The Upper Room
“My Daughter’s Example”
by Amy Sutikdja
devotion for May 24, 2017
read May 24, 2017

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