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how is this love – v3

How is this love
fulfilling Christ’s commandment
if we take a life of another,
using our judgment
if we are to love as Jesus loves,
to be His witnesses, His servants
His hands and His feet

if we are under grace
we must lay down our stones
we must forgive them;
we must leave the judgement
to God, to the Father
the perfect judge
over all of creation

if we believe in Christ Jesus
if we are His followers
if we have faith  in His promise
in His resurrection, His teaching,
in His covenant with us
we must lay down our stones
and love everyone on earth

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how is this love – v3

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how is this love – v2
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how is this love
April 28, 2017
if we are under grace
John 8:7
John 13:33-35
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An Innocent Man – v2
the work of Helen Prejean
and all those others fighting against
capital punishment
Blog Action Day 2015 – “Raise Your Voice”
October 16, 2015
September 22, 2011
An Innocent Man
My Facebook note, September 22, 2011
“I pray that the investigation of the truth in this case will not end with his death. The death penalty will only be eliminated as a punishment in this country if we are forced as a people to stare at the consequence of killing an innocent person. Mr. Davis may not be that person; but that day will come, based on this being a human process. Too many people on death row have been found to be innocent; the probabilities are there. That awful day will come.”
Articles on Troy Davis execution
Article on 10 Reasons he should not be put to death
My Facebook note, September 21, 2011
“If there is doubt about the truth of his quilt, the execution should be stayed until further investigation is completed.”
& 9/11 poems
Seeds of Hate

Seeds of hate, of rage
in the burning tower
separating the nations
the peoples of faith

Anguish, suffering
martyrs alike
claiming the creator
in the fists of our rage

September 21, 2011
September 11, 2011
10th anniversary of September 11, 2001
and the plot to attack DC and NY
reported September 9, 2011
As I woke this morning – v2

As I woke this morning, I remembered
I remembered that day, the exact moment
pain afresh, reliving, so clear, so vivid
when I saw the towers, innocence burning
our lives never the same, different
a shower of debris. The gasps, of each new person
coming into the room, silent, crying
seeing the images, over and over
Feeling the same ache as when
I watched the Challenger
explode in the sky.
So much lost
We watched, unsure
tears streaming down, helpless
Attacked on our soil, numb
disbelieving, even though seeing
I remember the air in the lounge,
all of us strangers, together
the small screen too big
showing too vividly the pain
the anguish, the towers hit, falling
plumes of smoke, of flame
darkness that morning, echoing still
friends, new friends, in the room
who may have loved ones in New York
in the Pentagon, at that moment
of different races, religions
from around the globe;
a call on a cell phone
All transfixed, unable to move

September 10, 2011
all of my September 11, 2001 poems

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