Saturday, September 30, 2017

Reds – v3

Rich, vibrant, real living color
Dying on each branch
In glory, in triumph, as I drive by;
A canopy over my way
Or buttresses along the living border
Of the blacktop I traverse,
Each day, in this season.

A deepness of color, a richness,
Saturated, tickling synapses
Charming my eyes, beguiling my vision;
Oranges, yellows, and reds, so many reds:
Candy apple, empire, Merlot, barn and fire engine reds
Fighting for their share, their due
On the canvas, the tableau before me.

Branch after branch, tree after tree, mile on mile,
On the ground, the road, against a vibrant sky
In clouds and whirls, brushstrokes,
Filling my vision, a wonder;
Sun, sky, clouds frame the mood
Backdrop and highlight
Juxtaposed light and shadow.

Fall clouds, showers and rainbow,
Over the freshly harvested corn field,
The ground turned over
 And rolling hills beyond -
A curtain call of October
For the failing blood, the revealing,
The fleeting chlorophyll
Gone for another season, another cycle.

Neither etched nor burned into memory
But part of the collective, the emotion,
The knowing - fall near and at home;
Warm and enduring again,
Comfort food for other senses.

edited September 30, 2017
Reds – v3

edited January 8, 2016
Reds – v2
posted February 23, 2004
written October 17, 2001 15:30 to 15:40

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