Thursday, September 26, 2019

Closer to the Fire – v4

A summer, long ago
a different sleepover,
out under the stars,
in the Berkshire woods
when summer camp
meant the YMCA, Camp Shepard

Dad and I arrived late,
what a surprise,
my age group
already at the campsite,
long past dusk

Finding a spot to roll the sleeping bag
on the ground, look for roots,
for rocks underneath
see the sparks of the campfire
yards off, spiraling upward
toward the white pines above

Creating strange orange silhouettes
in the June air, stillness
Nearer to the overflowing trash can
than the fire pit, a few of us stragglers
hunkering down for the night

A sudden rustling nearby, FREEZE…
for the family of skunks
was out for a snack;
lay still in the sleeping bags
boys, for we dread a mistake
made more real, urgent,
this far from the fire.

edited September 26, 2019
Closer to the Fire – v4
editing original and version 3
edited September 26, 2019
Pocahontas-ed – v2
edited September 26, 2019
Focused on My Family – v3
Edited January 7, 2014
Focused on My Family - v2
edited April 7, 2015
Closer to the Fire – v3
(editing version 2)
Camp Shepard
edited July 22, 2012
“Closer to the Fire – v2
part of a series of poems written the same night
September 23, 2006 21:07
Focused on My Family
note 9/26/19 –
not sure the basis of the change in plans,
Erica was 10, Shyanne 6, Shanequa 4;
but I wrote the poem Pocahontas-ed
at September 23, 2006 21:12, about 5 minutes later
about the girls sleeping downstairs with gramma
and about 15 minutes later I wrote the poem
Closer to the Fire at September 23, 2006 21:22
about YMCA summer camp years before

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