Thursday, December 14, 2006

Speaking with Power, Authority

Watching her eyes, in worship
as she preached from her heart,
not merely from the words she crafted
oh so carefully; watching her
watch the congregation, read their mood
their reaction to the hope, the exhortation
the call in the words she was given
urged to speak by our loving God
hearing the rush of adrenaline in
her rising voice, impassioned pleas
from deep within her soul,
grounded in the scripture, in a life
of reading, gleaning, sucking the marrow
from the old, old stories, the lives
of our forebears, the saints before us
woven all together, a tapestry
of power, of authority,
empathy, grounded in love,
in hope, in faith
as she stirs the congregation
from its slumber

December 14, 2006 21:28
about my wife preaching this summer
at the 8:00am services at our church

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