Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Seeds Grow

In the whisper of our Maker
the breath of life given
a seed planted
in the humble clay of man
a piece of God to grow
if we submit to Him
letting the Spirit guide us
in the Master’s plan

The seeds grow
the flock of our Savior
gathering the sheep
from every field,
all the nations
judging us,
by how we treat the strangers
each of us children
of our loving God

The harvest coming
not planned by human hands
in God’s time only
when the fields are ripe
all people judged
the ledger of the Master
looking at our lives
how we loved our neighbors
the least of the brothers of our risen Lord

October 26, 2010
Matthew 25:31-46
The Sheep and the Goats
The Judgment
Matthew 25:14-26:68
Heartlight’s Straight Through Bible Study
for October 17, 2010,
read partially October 25, 2010

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