Friday, January 23, 2009


Oh to be sitting, barefoot at your feet
listening to you, for the first time,
drinking in your living water, your message of love,
of hope, of redemption, feeling your presence
the power of your holiness, humble servant,
Lord, God living with us, sitting at your feet,
my master, my brother, my savior,
feeling the power of creation, the touch of your hands
washing my feet clean, the stroke of the towel, drying,
your teachings, watching your healings,
taking the bread, the cup, in my turn,
walking with you, sharing your days,
feeling the pain of your cross,
watching you suffer and die
knowing the cost you paid,
the joy of your resurrection,
the wonder of Pentecost
sharing your message,
listening still for your word
sitting barefoot at your feet again
in your sanctuary, your church
joining with the others, the saints
waiting for your return, in victory

January 23, 2009
Based on the Unison Prayer,
“Almighty Creator and Sustainer God, we have come into
your house to worship you this morning. Help us to lay our
cares and woes on your altar as we quietly sit at your feet
and listen to your word. May we hear the message you have
for us. Strengthen us so that we may be your light, your
ambassadors to the world. And it is in Christ Jesus’ name
we pray. Amen.”
by Pastor Ruth L. Foss,
Suncook United Methodist Church,
Suncook, NH
for January 25, 2009,
“Third Sunday after the Epiphany”

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