Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Fire of the Cross

The lamb, the sacrifice
holy and pure
unblemished, anointed
a fragrant offering
pleasing to God

Christ on the altar
the fire of the cross
taking on our sin
dying for us instead

God, the Messiah
walking the way, obedient
drinking the cup of sacrifice
going down into the grave

Rising to paradise
on the other side
from the pit of the tomb
that we may live again

March 17, 2010
title of sermon,
“The Anointing in Bethany”,
by Reverend Peter A. Hey,
Wesley United Methodist Church,
Concord, NH
March 21, 2010
Fifth Sunday of Lent
John 12:1-8
Matthew 26:6-13
and/or Mark 14:3-9
John 11:45-55; 12:1-13
John 11:45-12:13
Upper Room Disciplines for 2010
for March 15, 2010 to March 21, 2010,
“To Restore the Fortunes of Zion”,
by Louise Stowe-Johns
for March 15, 2010, read March 16, 2010

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