Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Lilac Air – reprise – v5

A cloud of intoxication
flooding my senses
slowing our steps
(or mine at least)
gathering in the nectar
the aerosol of fragrance
breathing springtime in

Whites and purples
different shades of the bouquets
as if colors themselves emitted aromas
richly, urgently, calling me
wooing me, intoxicating,
to linger in the dew of fragrance
perfumes falling down on me
raining on my walk

Edited February 4, 2013
“Lilac Air – reprise – v5”
Edited January 4, 2013
“Lilac Air – reprise – v2”
May 11, 2010
“Lilac Air - reprise”
written about our walks to school last week
because of the lilacs on the way
Pembroke Village School
Suncook, NH

Lilac Air

Sweet, intoxicating, alluring
spreading out onto the playground
the bush changing the air
soft, subtle, a presence
lilac air at the side of the school
calling, enticing the passersby
to linger, to drink
aerosol nectar
sweet, lively spring perfume
a perfect fragrance,
rich with memory
under a cloudy blue sky
warm this Wednesday afternoon
Living bouquet,
a balance of purple, of green
set off against, before
red brick of the school

May 13, 2009
Pembroke Village School
Suncook, NH

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